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Reply Pat
1:25 PM on December 27, 2010 
It would have been a bluer Christmas without you, that is, had you not been present in so many ways. The family was together, stockings (including yours) were hung, the tree and ornaments were up. Of course we put those blue and green lights on the tree, and that many of the ornaments were made by your hand. We had a short discussion about the color of the living room carpet, green or blue, that argument is now tradition. It also felt appropriate having our cat, Karma Kay, here in Pullman. I believe you had a hand in her adopting Kim and I this year. Love, Pat
Reply Kim
9:18 PM on October 5, 2010 
Mum, I miss you every day, and today even more so. Every day I see or hear something that makes me think of you. I am trying to make these moments not be sad, but instead be celebrations of your spirit and life. It is an evolving process. For now ... missing you deeply. Happy Birthday.
Reply Patrick Logan
2:18 PM on October 5, 2010 
It is October 5th. Happy Birthday Marie!! We have every reason to celebrate your life, so much so we continuousify it in our hearts. You are sorely missed, and you still always win.
Reply Alex Hanafi
1:12 PM on June 7, 2010 
Hello Millers! It's Alex Hanafi here, Kim's friend from Eugene. I just wanted to let you know what a beautiful website you've created in memory of Marie. Reading her letters and learning about her life, there's so much I didn't know! I read and look around the site and come away smiling because of her sharp mind and sharper wit (and I'm inspired to write some good Christmas letters!) There's real wisdom there about how to live a good life. Thanks so much for sharing these amazing stories about Marie and the family.
Reply Sheila Kloc
10:52 AM on June 2, 2010 
Going back to the old days....H.Marie. Goldsmith was a great room-mate. We shared good times, books, clothes, and a occasional brew. She was an extremely intelligent person and spent much time in the library reading everything that she could. The world will miss her as much as her family and friends will. Sheila
Reply Dee Ferron
8:12 PM on March 18, 2010 
I was so saddened by Marie's sudden passing. As I am sure that you can imagine, Tamara and I have stayed up all night talking. We often exchange stories about our parents--childhood memories, gardening, pets, vacations, and the like. It is through these stories that I got to know about Marie's energetic, strong-willed, and fun-loving personality. When I finally met her during the weekend of the wedding, all of those stories came to life. It was already a joyous occasion, but Marie's jovial mood made it even better. I hope that numerous memories of her like that will eventually provide comfort and ease the pain of her last few weeks. Please let me know if there is any type of assistance I can offer, and thank you all for sharing all of those amazing pictures of Marie with us! In love, Dee
Reply Don Miller
6:54 PM on March 10, 2010 

What a heartwarming array of memories and feelings conveyed from you for all of us to share. As she came to know you Marie was so glad that Tamara had brought such a caring person into her life, and was truly elated when you two joined in marriage. I know that your big smile, as seen in one of the pictures within the adjacent photo section, was equally mirrored by Marie's own smile as she embracingly welcomed you into our family. How lucky I am to have family additions such as you!

Reply Mark Brooker
11:40 PM on March 9, 2010 
I will always remember Marie as a warm and welcoming person, who invited everyone to get in on the fun. She instantly made me feel like part of the family. The Christmas memories stand out for me. Not only because that is when I saw her most, but also because the holidays were so imbued with her personality--all the treasured old ornaments and decorations that she made, the artistic Christmas cookies, the superabundance of lights. Everything reflected her exuberance and hospitality.
I'm glad that I was able to be there for at least one of her camping trips on the coast, and be infected with her joy in exploring the beach and woods. And I am so glad that she was there when Tamara and I got married. Not just for all her help, but for the way she enlivened the whole occasion. I am grateful to have known her and will miss her very much.
Reply Joan (Garen) Van Deventer
6:57 PM on March 9, 2010 
My sympathy is with the entire family in the loss of Harriet.

Some of the memories that I have of Harriet are as follows: Harriet was a good friend to me and many others in high school. We (Harriet, Beverly Mehaffie, Carol Humphrey, Carol Boyd and I) spent a lot of time together and thoroughly enjoyed our friendship with each other. Harriet was very bright and excelled in all her course work. She loved the color purple and because of that the theme song "Deep Purple" was chosen for our Senior prom. Everything in the gym was decorated in purple. Harriet was friendly, outgoing and cared for others.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Reply Sherry Daun
3:43 PM on March 9, 2010 
I am saddened by your loss, and wish the best for Tamara, Mark and the rest of Marie's family and friends. She seems like a really special person.
Reply Carol Loughry
4:47 PM on March 8, 2010 
What a beautiful website. Thank you so much for creating it. Marie was one of my dearest friends and I miss her deeply. We went through grade school, junior high and high school together. I knew her family well as she did mine. I have fond memories of riding bikes together on Easton Rd. when it was a dirt road and of attending girl scout camp overnighters. I remember sleep overs in high school, cooking in Home Ec classes and struggling through Latin. I probably would not have made it without Marie's help. After college we got together again and have been writing or emailing ever since. We talked about the birth of our kids and later on their development into the wonderful young people they are today. She was very proud of the girls and their accomplishments. I will miss her always late but wonderfully entertaining Christmas letters. I will miss her views on different isssues we would discuss. I will and do miss her.
Reply Chic & Kathleen (Bigler) Vignos & Boys
8:51 AM on March 8, 2010 
Even though we did not get to see much of Aunt Marie because we live in Ohio, we always looked forward to her Christmas letters that showed her sense of humor for things that happened to her throughout the year. She had a way of looking at the bright side of the trials in life.

We are so sorry to hear of her passing but know that she is using her sense of humor in Heaven.

Our thoughts & prayers are with you.
Reply Marsaura Shukla
3:01 PM on March 7, 2010 
What wonderful pictures--I really got a sense of her energy from them.(And What a looker!! What attitude!) I see her in both of you, Tamara and Kim. You are all in my thoughts during this sad time.

Reply Linda Heidenreich
1:18 PM on March 7, 2010 
Thank you for such a beautiful website. Marie was the best of neighbors, I have fond memories of green tomatoes and stories of the coast -- but also raccoon stories, and so here is a poem for the memory of Marie.

Ode to a Raccoon

The feisty dude who
Ate the cat food
Played in the garden
And brought his buddies to frolic.

And when I see you
In Pullman dusk
I will remember Marie
And the nasty way
You swam in the pond
And broke all her wind décor
Then wandered off to other pastures.
Reply Dr Rod Story
9:44 PM on March 5, 2010 
I am saddened by your loss. Thank you for posting the pictures of Marie's life and loves. I am glad to hear of a fellow NPR and nature buff. May she find rest.
Reply Peggy & Jack Bigler
3:41 PM on March 5, 2010 
We send our love as we struggle to cope with Marie's death. She was a very special person who accomplished so much and lived life to the fullest - leaving behind so many memories for all of us to cherish.

Love, Jack & Peggy ( Sister & Brother-in-Law )
Reply Carol Pierce
1:42 PM on March 5, 2010 
I did not know Marie and only recently met Kim. Just wanted to pay my condolences.
Reply Carol Boyd Minor & Ron Minor
5:03 PM on March 4, 2010 
We are so sorry to learn of your loss. Ron and I went to school with Marie and I was fortunate enough to have her as a friend in high school and we did have fun at those pajama parties. She was a great gal and well respected by everyone in the class. Although we lost track of each other after high school we were able to reconnect at class reunions. She was a terrific gal in so many ways. Please accept our deepest sympathy.

Carol & Ron Minor
Reply Emily, Ken, and Rachael Langston
4:22 PM on March 4, 2010 
We are so sorry for your loss. The website gives those of us who didn't know Marie well (we only met her once, at Mark and Tamara's wedding) of the wonderful, spirited, adventurous and loving person that she was. We send our love and sympathy to you all.
Emily, Ken, and Rachael
Reply Jewel & Ralph Brooker
3:54 PM on March 4, 2010 
Dear Don, Tamara, and Kim,
With Tamara's marriage to our son Mark, we came to know Marie and to think of all of you, including her, as part of our family. We enjoyed meeting her so much, and we felt that she was really vivacious and wonderful. In the two years since the marriage, we have had not had the opportunity to visit the Pacific northwest, but we have exchanged gifts and messages and have kept up with the news through Tamara. We are sure Marie was a wonderful person and a blessing to her family and friends, and we pray that you will find consolation in remembering her kindness and love.
Thank you for creating this website and for allowing us to express our sorrow and to extend our sympathy.
Love, Jewel
Reply Don
3:35 PM on March 4, 2010 

Bless your sweet soul! Your tribute to Marie simultaneously brought tears to my eyes and soothing feelings of tranquility to my inner being. No wonder Marie took so immediately to you and formed such a strong affection for you.

Reply Frank Bechter
11:11 AM on March 4, 2010 
I feel very fortunate to have met Marie and to have experienced the glow of her family together at Tamara and Mark's wedding. I felt lucky to be near it, and feel especially so now. How glad I am to have joked around, walked around our backyard, and also to have had a dance with Marie :) -- all in her nature, it was clear. There is much one knows about parents just by knowing the care and creativity of their children, and so maybe I knew Marie to some degree even before the wedding, just by Tamara's example, and by the many wonderful stories. Now I know where Tamara learned how to fix everything around our graduate coop, and to be so comfortable doing so. I wonder if "Marieify" means to bring forth the unexpected life in things. I love the picture of Marie and Pistachio, the stuffed dog who delivered cookies. :) There is much to be said for cookies and trees, and for kitty cats, being held and talked to in many photos here. Two of my favorite photos are of Marie sitting so pleased in front of her snowmen; once as a child and then as a grandmother. I saw them in reverse order. My favorite is the sand castle town; I chuckled out loud at midnight with a big smile, especially looking at Tamara and Kim. It was the first photo I clicked on. Or maybe my favorite is Thanksgiving 1979.... I send my condolences to the Miller family, and my thanks for this warm testament.
Reply John & Betty Ferron
11:21 PM on March 3, 2010 
Our deepest sympathy is extended to you and your family and friends for your untimely loss of your loved one.
Reply Patrick Logan
4:39 PM on March 3, 2010 
Dear Marie,
Your journey ended on a rare, but beautifully clear and sunny day in Seattle. My sister would always remind me of the "Sleepless in Seattle" quote, how it "rains nine months of the year" there. You left us that evening, from the top of First Hill, which somehow seems so appropriate. The first "rule" I learned from you was that "Marie always wins", and you will always be first and at the top of my list.
You have a big heart and a large lust to move and experience life. I am fortunate to have hiked some beaches and forests with you. You were pulling me on hikes five months ago, and I could not have predicted you would leave us this quickly. This fall you seemed to take on cancer, pneumonia, the flu, and that darn apple tree. That darn tree broke how many of your bones? Shortly afterwards, you still went camping on the coast. Although it may not seem like it to us who remain, I get the strong feeling that you won somehow, someway.
Your intelligence was coupled with such optimism, very positive energy, and a large sense of humor. I love the way you add "ify" or "ified" or "ification" to the back of words. When we were mist-ified on the trail, it meant we were experiencing a light rain. You always made great sense to me, and did it with laughter.
You were and still are unstoppable. It was clear to me why I found the "road kill" pruning saw on the roadside in front of your mailbox last week. It was a few days after you left us in Seattle, and you clearly were passing a torch. A practical minded person may conclude that the saw fell simply fell off of a landscaper's truck, but I know better. It was too much of a coincidence in placement and timing. I think you want us to fix that apple tree.
I don't think there is a word in the English language which describes someone who affects the world the way you do. There are applicable words like, energetic, optimistic, empowering, kind, and loving. Being an engineer, I like to use few but accurate words. The word Marieify comes to mind, rather quickly I should say. I think it is a blessing that I have been Marieified and hope that all persons experience Marieification in their lives.
Love always, Pat
Reply Norma Dombrock Freedom
4:27 PM on March 3, 2010 
Imagine my surprise as Marie's roommate in Madison to have some one ask for Harriet on the phone AND then have Marie yell "That's me" when I told them there was "no one by that name here."
I'll always be thankful for Marie's supportive "listening" via e-mail after my husband died in 2000. I couldn't talk about him without crying, but could talk via the keyboard while tears flowed. Thank you, Marie, from Norma